100% Natural
Sugar Cane Drink

We are the manufacturer of 100% natural sugarcane juice packed without any preservatives or chemicals, having a shelf life of one year.

- Natural Sugar Cane Juice
- Lemon Juice

No artificial flavor or preservative added
No added sugar or water.

Certification from CFRD, Kerala

Our Inspiration

Most of the people in our society have already become slaves to one or the other kind of diseases. The major factor which leads human beings to such a pathetic condition is unbalanced food habits.

Different universities in India and abroad had made studies about the medicinal properties of sugar cane and found that sugar cane juice has a capacity to protect liver to an extend from many kind of diseases due to unbalanced food habits.

Till now there is no technology available to clarify sugar cane juice and pack it without chemical or preservative. However our company took this as a challenge and found out an absolute solution as our product under the brand name COOL CANE, which has a shelf life of one year. Due to our technology, the medicinal properties and natural quality of sugar cane juice can also be sustained. Blending of COOL CANE with other juices gives comfort, healthy and tasty feelings. The product COOL CANE IS A HEALTHY AND A NATURAL BALANCED DRINK.

" Let sugarcane juice also reach consumers in its natural form. "

-Our Founder, talking to The Hindu daily

(17 July 2017)

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